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My Development & Training

Post Graduate Certificate in Engineering Projects Management

The specialist in Engineering Project Management knows and thoroughly analyzes the different types of contracts, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, and the appreciation that is given about them, both from the point of view of the client and the contractor; understands and manages the process of creating companies from the conception of the idea to its evaluation and allocation of resources for the implementation of the same; identifies the different kinds of effects that projects generate in ecosystems and the community, in general, to apply the corresponding solutions within the parameters contained in the laws of sustainable development at the local level; know the different types of insurance that exist for the execution of a project and can choose those that are adjusted according to their costs, duration and coverage.


First Semester
  • Cost and Budgets
  • Identification and formulation of Project
  • Environment and Quality in Engineering Project
  • Management Engineering Project
Second Semester
  • Tenders and Audit
  • Innovation and Management Technological
  • Management International Project
  • Evaluation of Project
  • University or College
    Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas
    Bogota, Colombia
    Graduation Date