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My Development & Training

Technician in Systematized Business Management

The diploma in Systematized Business Management introduces general business concepts such as accounting principles, administration, marketing, and personnel management. It also provides technical knowledge in Microsoft Office, the necessary tool to support business management.


First semester
  • Introduction to business
  • Operative systems (Windows and Linux)
  • General Accounting
  • Technical English I
  • Typing
Second semester
  • Word processor – MS word
  • Systematized accounting (APOLO software)
  • Technical English II
  • Hardware and Software
Third semester
  • Spreadsheet – MS Excel
  • financial mathematics
  • Software for business
  • Commercial legislation
Fourth Semester
  • Databases – MS Access
  • finances and budgets
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Presentation making – MS PowerPoint

University or College
Chinchina, Caldas
Graduation Date