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How to create Custom Post Type without external plugin

Do you want to add more sections in your WordPress project? Custom Post allow you change your WordPress blogging platform into a Content Management System.

When you install WordPress to manage your website, WordPress has by default two possible contents, Post and Page.

In this article, I will show you how to create a custom post type in WordPress writing your own plugin. You need to have knowledge of PHP. The easy way to create a custom post is by using one of the available plugins in WordPress plugins.

What is Custom Post Type in WordPress?

WordPress has two post types by default Post and Page. those allow you to create a blog website easily and use WordPress as a blogging platform. Custom Post types are content like Post and Page and allow you to classify content in a different section in your WordPress admin. When you add Custom Post in your WordPress you change a blogging platform to a Content Management System – CMS.

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